This is our 5th annual Cash in July Calendar Raffle. This how it works. We only sell 1200 tickets at $10.00 each. Each day in July (July 1-30) we will pick a ticket and that person will win $100.00 (Total giveaway is $3000.00)!!! But that’s not all. After you win your ticket goes back in the drum so you can win many more times during the month. Yes, we have had winners win more then once. Your odds are better then the Wisconsin State Lottery !!!!

We need to sell all 1200 tickets before July 1,2015 to be able to give the Burn Camp $9000.00.

WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION THAT WE WILL BE PICKING OUR WINNERS FROM: TALLY’S TAP & EATERY Located at 661 Sunset Dr Waukesha, WI. (Susnet Dr just west of the railroad tracks) TALLY’S will be having specials the whole month of July (during our calendar raffle drawings) with some of the proceeds going to support WAFS  Burn Camp for Youths. THANKS JESS! STOP IN AND SAY ‘HI’!

You can purchase your tickets at Tally’s Tap & Eatery and Hal’s Harley Davidson ( I will be posting more places to purchase the tickets in the up coming weeks.

Our goal is to sell ALL 1200 tickets this year!


Go to our WINNERS CATEGORY on the right side of our page each day in July  to see who are the daily winners. IT COULD BE YOU!

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