Bikers coming to the camp for the fund raiser Bikers for Burn Camp

Bikers for Burn Camp was created to bring all motorcyclists together who feel the need to support the W.A.F.S. Burn Camp for Burned Injured Youths. Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety (WAFS) Burn Camp for Burned Injured Youths was started 15+ years ago. It is open to burned injured youths from 7-17 years of age and is held at the Timberlee Campground in East Troy , Wisconsin. This camp is free at all campers and solely rely on donations. During the week of camp, campers improve their social skills and learn how to deal with their fears around strangers. WAFS also promotes fire safety education throughout the rest of the year hoping there will be no need for burn camp in the future. Please go to to learn more about this local nonprofit organization.

Bikers For Burn Camp was founded  in 2009. The idea was to unite all motorcyclists from all groups that raise money to support the burn camp. We all love to ride and we all love the kids at camp, so why not support each others’ fundraisers to make all of them a success.

We need to hear from you! Do you belong to a motorcycle group that raises money to support the burn camp? Let us know so we can promote your fundraiser. Do you have a fundraising idea that you would like us to promote…….let us know. It doesn’t matter what motorcycle you ride or what group you ride with, at the end of the day…..”Its all about the kids!”

Thanks to ALL our supporters in the past 4 years we at Bikers for Burn Camp have created its own “not for profit” organization called: BFBC Charities of WI (as of Jan. 2013). We are located in Waukesha WI. We will continue to have fun AND support WAFS Burn Camp for Burned & Injured Youths. Because most of our supporters are “bikers” we decided to also give back to our motorcycle community by supporting ABATE of WI “Share the Road ” program. This benefits ALL motorcyclist from around the state of Wisconsin by teaching new drivers “motorcycle awareness”. For more details go to: Kids and bikes…what a great combination! Thank you and ride safe!

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